Employer Incentives

Each year at Challenge Workforce Solutions we collaborate with hundreds of local businesses to match their workforce needs with well-trained and well- supported individuals, who have the interests and skills to meet those needs. Our goal is always to create positive, long-term employment partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both the employer and the employee. Our services are at no cost to employers or to our clients.

Retaining a reliable work force in the current market can be a challenge. New York State has unique, innovative services that successfully match reliable and capable employees with businesses interested in employee retention. Challenge Workforce Solutions provides these services, benefitting both job seekers and local employers.

There are many employment Incentives, and this page shares information about the economic incentives available to businesses that hire and retain employees with disabilities.  This site has information on Federal and state programs and initiatives designed to promote the hiring of qualified candidates with disabilities.

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Employment Incentive & Credit

Work Try Out Program
NYS Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) can reimburse a business for 100% of an employee’s wages for up to 480 hours through the Work Try Out program. This offers the business the opportunity to evaluate the employee’s ability to satisfactorily perform the job. This wage reimbursement program requires the business to place trainees on the company payroll and cover the trainees with all benefits including Worker’s Compensation and Social Security.
On-the-Job Training (OJT)
ACCES-VR can reimburse a business for the wages paid during the training of a new employee when:

  1. The ACCES-VR trainee requires specific skills training and supervision.
  2. The ACCES-VR trainee is placed on the company’s payroll and covered with all benefits including Worker’s Compensation and Social Security. during the agreed upon training period covering the usual company benefits.
  3. The business agrees to retain the ACCES-VR trainee upon completion of the training period.

The ACCES-VR counselor and the employer will agree upon the length of the training period appropriate to the job. Upon the final retention of the trainee, the business will be eligible for all applicable tax credits.

Employment Training Program

The ETP (Employment Training Program) service is unique in regards to other employment services because for the first phase of work New York State pays the wages, Worker’s Compensation insurance and general Liability Statement of Self- Retention for the intern rather than the employer accepting the responsibility for these expenses.

Benefits to employers participating in the ETP service are:.

  • Wage compensation for the first phase of work for interns provided by NY State
  • Recruitment, pre-screening and on the job training services at no cost to the business.
  • Increased employee retention resulting in reduced turnover in entry level positions.
  • Work place analysis to insure a strong match between employer and employee.
  • Ongoing pool of prescreened interns.
  • Reduce costs associated with conflict and litigation
  • The IRS provides a tax credit for those who hire certain targeted low-income groups. Tax credit of up to 40% of the first $6,000, or up to $2,400, in wages paid during the first 12 months for each new hire.
  • Gives businesses the ability to free up current employees from operational tasks to focus on generating additional customers and income by hiring an intern to perform operational duties.
  • Increase appeal to community by employing a diverse work force.
The Developmental Disabilities Tax Credit (DDTC)

The Developmental Disabilities Tax Credit (DDTC) program provides tax credits to for-profit/not-for-profit businesses/organizations that hire individuals with developmental disabilities. For-profit/not-for-profit businesses/organizations, they must be approved by the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) to participate in the program. Upon approval, NYSDOL will send the businesses/organization a Certificate of Eligibility for their records. The maximum tax credit is:

  •          -$5,000 for Full-time employment (30 hours or more per week), based on 15% of the individual’s wages paid after January 1, 2015 for a period of employment no less than six months; and
  •          -$2,500 for Part-time employment (between 8 hours and 30 hours per week), based on 10% of the individual’s wages paid after January 1, 2015 for a period of employment no less than six months.

More info at: https://labor.ny.gov/businessservices/PDFs/WDDTC-PPT.pdf


Why should I hire someone from Challenge?
We can think of at least 6 reasons!

  1. Pre-screened candidates – A staff member works to find you the perfect match every time.
  2. Dedicated employees – Our employer partners tell us that Challenge employees often have reduced absenteeism and turnover than from other sources.
  3. Ongoing supports – We don’t stop once our people are hired. We have dedicated job coaches and other staff to ensure they are superstar employees!
  4. Increased diversity – Having Challenge staff as part of your team shows your clients that you are committed to having a true 21st century workforce.
  5. Employer Incentives – Many of our employees qualify for employer wage reimbursements or other incentives to hire.
  6. It’s the right thing to do! – You are giving someone the opportunity to get back in the workforce and a chance at a whole new life.

How many candidates do you have?
We work with over 1,000 candidates per year. At any one time, we have between 50-90 people eager and ready to work!
How do I hire one of your candidates?
Simply call or email and we will work to prepare a custom list of candidates for your business and assist you with incentives.
Do all of your candidates have a disability?
No. About a third of our candidates have an economic or other barrier to employment. We have people of all skills and abilities, from dishwashers to PhD’s.
Will I know the disability of the person I hire?
Under Federal HIPPA law, we are unable to disclose the person’s disability, but we take great care to match the person’s abilities with the job.
What is this job coaching about? Won’t they get in the way?
A job coach is needed only for some of our candidates. Job Coaches are trained to ensure that the individual has added support to be a great employee for you. They are used to tight quarters and trained stay out of the way of business operations. We have successfully job coached at most businesses in the greater Ithaca area.
What if it doesn’t work out?
If the business and Challenge determine that it is not a right fit, the person can be discharged at any time. Challenge will continue to look for a better fit for the individual.

For more information, please contact:
Briggs Seekins, Director of Employment & Vocational Services:
607-272-8990 or E-mail briggss@aboutchallenge.org

For additional Information:
about Work Try Out or OJT http://www.acces.nysed.gov/vr/save-money
DDTC: New York State Department of Labor at WWDDTC@labor.ny.gov or 877.226.5724