Pre-employment Services for Job-seekers with Disabilities

Pre-vocational Services provides individuals with time limited training and work experience in general work skills including, attendance, punctuality, working with peers, communication skills, ability to take direction and follow instructions, understanding the demands of the workplace, appropriate dress and other daily living skills which are necessary to work in the community. Transitional work sites include working in Challenge Social Enterprise, contracts with local employers and volunteer opportunities with non-for-profit agencies.


Pathway To Employment (PTE) is an outstanding program for helping OPWDD participants complete their transition to competitive employment and greater community independence. The individualized nature of this program is ideal for allowing people to focus both on their areas of strength and interest, while addressing remaining barriers to success. Participants engage in a variety of activities such as job readiness classes, volunteering, job shadowing, travel training, internships and paid work trials. The program also focuses on important related topics such as managing stress, communicating with employers and co-workers, and creating a healthy balance between work and other productive activities.

 Training and Work Experience for participants in Pre-vocational and Youth Services Ability in Bloom launched in 2015 as a means of providing Adam and other Challenge clients who are not ready or able to make the leap into community employment with job skills training and a stable, community- based work opportunity. The workers in this innovative social enterprise are able to use their unique abilities to be productive members of a team. Employees of Ability in Bloom work out in the field and at sales locations to produce beautiful flowers. Some of our employees may move on to other jobs or stay as permanent members of the team. More info…


Note: Pre-vocational services are only available to indivuduals eligable for Home and Community Based Waiver Services through: OPWDD or OMH HARP Service.


For more information contact:
Briggs Seekins
Director of Employment & Vocational Services
607-272-8990 Ext. 145 or
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