Rising to the Challenge!

Meet Adam D.

Adam D.Peanut butter and jelly. Ithaca and snow. Adam and art.

Out of those combinations, Adam’s pairing might be the most appropriate of all. First, a little background. Adam’s spent time at Challenge since 2002, where his interest in gardening grew as he was getting ready to graduate from TST BOCES. Since then, Adam spent time volunteering with the Tompkins County Community Beautification Program, assisting with planting flowers on the Commons and in other locations to help make Ithaca more beautiful and attractive to tourists.

Adam even spent some time trying out work in the dish rooms at Ithaca College, and has done volunteer work at various organizations in the community.

But his true passion is art, even though he only started painting in the past five years! Adam’s mother tells us he has his own painting studio at his home. He works on his paintings with a bit of help from her. He has a website where people can view his work and has had a few shows around town in addition to participating in the Artists Market. At the Artists Market, he shared a booth with his mother who is also an artist, but Adam’s original works, prints and cards were the top sellers. Adam enjoys painting both flowers and landscapes, and his paintings have been featured on T-shirts for sale through Jake Max, a non-profit that works to promote art produced by people with special needs.

And that involvement has another positive twist! Through the site, 25% of the proceeds will come back to support an organization of Adam’s choice, and Adam chose Ability In Bloom. His roots in that program are well-known, as Adam was the inspiration for the growing program here at Challenge due to his love of flowers and gardening.

Adam likes spending time with animals, and has even been a volunteer at the SPCA. He has two cats who love sharing his bed. Adam also gets involved in the housework and grocery shopping at home, and does a weekly super-worker shift at GreenStar as part of a two-person team. Adam’s mother tells us that helping people is really important to him.

So what’s next for Adam? He wants to continue working with the Ability In Bloom program, and also wants to continue painting and selling his art!

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