Meet Brittany J.




Hidden talents are often amazing to discover when you talk to someone on the job. If you visited the Towers Dining Hall at Ithaca College and talked with Brittany J., you might find out that her hidden talent is a beautiful voice.

Brittany moved to Ithaca as a kid, and says she was interested in singing from a young age. It’s an interest that has stuck with her into her adult life.

“I wanted to find a community chorus to start singing again,” Brittany says.

She’s now a part of two Ithaca groups — the Voices Multicultural Chorus, where she has been a singer for three years, and the Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers, where she has been a member for two years.

Earlier this year, the leader of the latter group notified members that they would have the incredible honor of singing at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

The group traveled to Washington on May 13th, and on May 14th, took the stage in front of an audience that Brittany says was the “biggest group she ever sang in front of.”

“It was mind-blowing”, Brittany said. The roughly 80-member chorus also had the opportunity to sing at a church in Arlington, Virginia during their trip.

As for Brittany’s job, she says she likes working as a dishwasher and table attendant at the Towers Dining Hall, where she is in her first year. She says the students are really nice.

In her spare time, Brittany is also a photographer who specializes in photos in nature. She plans to help take photos at Challenge’s upcoming Recognition Luncheon!

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