Meet Conner H.

At Challenge, some of our favorite success stories are the ones we get to tell again and again.

In 2016, Conner H. was recognized for his success at Challenge’s Annual Awards Dinner at Ithaca College, where he had one of the most powerful quotes of the night.
“If you ever encounter a hardship in life, I encourage you to never give up,” Conner said at the podium that evening.

Less than a year after he was recognized, Conner is taking the next step in his life. He’s been working with staff at Challenge since his last year at TST BOCES, and has worked at the Cornell Dairy Bar for nearly three years. And now, Conner is a full-time employee there.

“It’s fun,” Conner says. “My co-workers and I talk about a lot of things. They always give me support.”

Currently, Conner, who just turned 21, is working with Employment Specialist Becky Troy, but also credits current staff members Ryan Notarpole and Pete Wolfanger for helping him be successful. Becky says it’s fun to see Conner have success, and is happy Conner was able to achieve the goal of full-time employment, which was something that happened quicker than everyone expected.

“They give lots of guidance,” Conner says about staff at Challenge. “They always give me plenty of support.”

The new goal for Conner? Continuing to save up so that he can move into his own apartment for the first time.

Outside of work, Conner says he loves to research, discuss and teach things that he is passionate about, but says he also unwinds with video games and surfing the web. And if he could go anywhere in the world?

“Thailand,” Conner says, adding that Japan would be his second choice.

For right now, though, Conner says his goal is to “learn everything” as he continues to have success at the Cornell Dairy Bar.

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