Rising to the Challenge!

Meet Delores C.

Dolores C. has been working at Challenge for at least 15 years. During her time with Challenge, Dolores has tried a variety of jobs including the Ithaca College dishrooms, cleaning at a laundromat, and various jobs involving packaging and assembly in-house at Challenge. Dolores has significant restrictions on her mobility which has meant that she has needed to work indoors and in more sedentary jobs for the past several years.

Additionally, Dolores is only able to fully use one hand while working. Dolores has trouble walking on uneven ground, but she has always wanted to work with flowers. This summer, she finally got her chance! Dolores has been working with Ability in Bloom, the specialty cut flower CSA program at Challenge. Dolores cleans stems of various flowers—this means that she strips off any leaves that would be submerged in water or anything unsightly. Dolores prepares the stems of the flowers to be made into bouquets. Dolores has brightened the bouquet making workshop on Thursday afternoons with her irreverent, Brooklyn -based sense of humor as well as helping us get the bouquets made faster. It is truly rewarding to see Dolores at work and the fact that she can work with Ability in Bloom illustrates the variety of jobs available within the program as well as the different people it can serve.

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