Meet Dustin

If you’ve ever had the chance to sit down for a meal at Coltivare in downtown Ithaca, then you may have seen Dustin at work.

Dustin is 29, and first came to Challenge in 2010. He has spent time working at Wegmans, and even in the dish rooms run by Challenge at Ithaca College. But when Coltivare opened up in 2014, Dustin became a part of the team, and has been there since.

He’s well-liked among his co-workers, and says he does “anything that keeps me busy,” including food prep, washing dishes, and sweeping floors.

“They’re awesome people (at Coltivare),” Dustin says. “We work hard together to get our job done.”

Most recently, Dustin has worked closely with Bryson, an Employment Specialist at Challenge, who describes him as “very dependable” and a good part of the team.

“He’s very funny,” Bryson says. “He likes to laugh a lot with his co-workers.”

Dustin, the youngest of four kids in his family, says he likes listening to music. Off the top of his head, he says he likes listening to Iron Maiden, Meatloaf and AC/DC. He’s also a big fan of video games as well.

“I told myself that one day I would be a game tester,” Dustin says.

For now, though, he enjoys the work at Coltivare, including the work he gets to do to prep for special events at the restaurant.

Great job, Dustin!

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