Rising to the Challenge!

Meet Hua Z.

 Hua moved to Ithaca from China eight years ago. However, since coming to Challenge  about a year ago, he’s had plenty of success in making a name for himself and proving that    he’s a hard worker.

Hua came to Challenge through ACCES-VR and thanks to the help of his teachers. He also credits the staff at Challenge, including Mike Barry, Frances Mulberry and Ryan Notarpole for helping to get him trained and ready for employment. Last summer, thanks to that assistance from Challenge,Hua was able to complete an experience where he did scanning and filing work.

Right now, Hua is working with the staff at Kilpatrick’s Publick House and the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Ithaca as a prep cook and dishwasher. Patrick Tarantino, the Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director there, describes Hua as “one of my best employees.” He says Hua has an incredible work ethic and is thorough in his work.

Hua says he has plenty of goals, as he wants to learn more skills, and wants to work to help others as well.

And life isn’t all about work for Hua. He has a number of interests outside of his work life, including soccer, football, handball, and working with various programs on the computer.

Great job, Hua!

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