Meet Karrie H.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Karrie, but despite plenty of adversity, she keeps going, and does so with a positive attitude.

Karrie came to Challenge more than a decade ago, and spent about three years working inside a Challenge-run dish room at Ithaca College. When that experience ended, Karrie decided to apply for a job at the Shops at Ithaca Mall, and says she’s been there for about six years now.

Karrie has plenty of job responsibilities, and you may have seen her as part of the crew that keeps the food court area clean. She clears tables, returns trays, and handles many of the other duties that need to be tackled to keep the dining area ready for more people.

And while the job keeps her busy, she’s even busier at home, taking care of two young children, who she began caring for back in 2015. Karrie became their legal guardian after troubles in a friend’s life. Karrie says it was difficult caring for the kids at first, but says it’s a different story now, as she talks about them with a smile on her face.

Part of the reason Karrie has been able to make progress in her life is because of Challenge. Currently, she works with Bryson, an Employment Specialist at Challenge, who meets with her on a regular basis. Karrie says she’s grateful for that support.

“When I have trouble, I know I can text or call Bryson, and he will be here,” Karrie said.

Karrie also receives support from her co-workers, saying that there is a family atmosphere among the people she works with, and also some of the employees of stores within the mall.

Danielle, a staff support member at Racker Centers who works with Karrie as well, says she has “so much resilience and dedication to her job and self-improvement.”

Bryson says despite challenges, such as changes in management at the mall, Karrie has been dependable, and has stuck to it.”

Outside of work, Karrie says she likes to go camping in her free time.

Way to go, Karrie!

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