Meet Kimberly J.

Kim is a Guest Service Representative and Night Auditor, and has worked at the Hotel Ithaca since early May. She was seeking to have her own apartment, and now, because of her work in the hospitality industry, she’s involved in a rent-to-own program and is very pleased.

From the beginning, management at the hotel was amazed at her ability to learn the duties of the two areas in such a short time. Kim finished her night audit training in only three nights, and says she loves to work at the hotel because she enjoys working with people.

Her dedication and hard work paid off, as two months after she started, she received a raise!

Kim says she likes that management looks out for their employees. There’s plenty to do, but Kim says she enjoys the challenge. She is driven and goal-oriented, and was even able to complete her college degree with encouragement from her job developer at Challenge.

Kim says Challenge worked with her to help meet her needs, something that not everyone is willing to do.

Outside of her work life, Kim enjoys spending time with her fiancé, his children, and both their families. She says with differing schedules, they look forward to finding times that they can enjoy together.

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