Rising to the Challenge!

Meet Mark W.

Mark W. is the kind of worker you can rely on. In fact, that’s what CBORD has done for more than 20 years. Mark is a production assistant at their offices in the South Hill Business Campus in Ithaca.

Before working there, Mark, who lives outside of Ithaca, did custodial work for the Alpine Machine company. In his current position, Mark handles all sorts of work, including packaging, sorting, mailing and even inventory. Mark says he likes working at CBORD because there are “good people who care about me.”

Outside of work, Mark is an award-winning athlete. He says he took gold and silver in swimming events at the Special Olympics summer games this year. He has also participated in jumping events at the games.

He also keeps his eye on the pros, as a self-proclaimed “big-time” fan of the New York Giants. When it comes to baseball, he cheers for the Yankees. And his favorite hockey team is the New York Rangers.

Bryson, an employment specialist at Challenge, works with Mark, and says he is determined, motivated, and has initiative. Even Mark says he knows how difficult it can be to find and keep a job these days, but he has a main message to everyone reading his story, and specifically individuals who are thinking about coming to Challenge.

He says, “Think positive and keep working hard.”

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