Meet Mickey C.

If you live, work or spend any time in Ithaca, chances are that you’ve crossed paths with Mickey. And more likely than not, Mickey has had a friendly hello for you when you’ve seen him.

Mickey has overcome a lot in his life. He was born in the area and was responsible for taking care of his mother for a long time. In 2003, Mickey started to overcome his problems with alcohol and substance abuse, and started to make a positive change in his life. More than a decade later, he has avoided the negative habits of the past, and now successfully works in dish rooms at Ithaca College.

Challenge’s General Manager of Contract Staffing, Larry Workman, described Mickey as an “independent soul” when he came to Challenge, who needed structure and rules. However, Larry says Mickey has always had a “real desire to succeed”, which has pushed him to the positive outcomes he has had in his life.

Mickey shares a close relationship with his little brother, Steve, who hosts a successful radio show in Chicago. Steve says he couldn’t be more proud of Mickey, and says he is his idol and is doing great things every day.

One of the things Mickey is well-known for around Challenge is his ability to sell doughnuts! Challenge holds a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale every year that helps support the agency’s Annual Recognition Luncheon held every summer for staff and the individuals we serve. In 2016, Mickey sold more than 160 boxes of doughnuts, and helped Challenge raise about a third of the money it used to fund the luncheon.

Mickey was honored at our 2017 Annual Awards Event. Watch this video produced about his story!

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