Meet Peter W.

The path to success has brought Peter W. to a field he’s always wanted to work in: education.

Challenge had partnered in the past with local school districts, but when staff made the
connection with Trumansburg Elementary School principal Jeannie Wiggins, the process started to introduce Peter into a support role at the school.

Peter is gaining experience that falls in line with his long-term goal of teaching. He helps students in a number of ways, from making sure everyone is quiet and attentive during story time and helping out with art projects, to making sure everyone is safe while having fun during gym class and recess.

Peter has fit right in at his new position, and has plenty of support from Challenge, and at the school as well.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for my staff and our students to have adults with disabilities or barriers to work just in our environment,” said Wiggins. “The kids love Peter. It’s really fun to see how they interact with him.”

A clear example of Peter’s impact at the school came in October during their Halloween parade. One of the students Peter works with didn’t want to walk in the parade. That is, until Peter offered to hold the student’s hand and walk with them.

Peter came to Challenge in 2009 after finishing high school. He was first hired to work in a dish room at Ithaca College as part of Challenge’s Contract Staffing team. In May 2015, Peter earned his Associates degree from TC3.

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