Rising to the Challenge!

Meet Robert M.

It’s been three years since Robert came to Challenge, spending his first two in the Summer Youth Employment Program with the YMCA. His work there included moving equipment, maintaining trails, and even building a pavilion. During that time, Robert also helped build a natural playground from scratch using only materials that his group found in the woods for recreation programs to use.

After some more training and work to become more independent, Robert transitioned to a recent work assessment with Finger Lakes ReUse. His responsibilities there included cleaning and pricing donated items and organizing display shelves. Robert fit in and worked well with volunteers and supervisors, and with a bit of supervision, he has worked on a number of bigger projects, including moving heavy furniture and cleaning antique heating grates, as well as clearing the parking lot of metal materials with a magnetic broom.

His supervisors at ReUse describe Robert’s work ethic as fantastic and as good as or better than some employees there. They say they couldn’t ask for more from him. They hope Robert keeps volunteering and offering a helping hand.

Staff at Challenge have commended Robert for his commitment to addressing his barriers to employments, and are excited to see what comes next.

Congrats, Robert!

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