Rising to the Challenge!

Meet Ryan W.

Ryan came to Challenge with both eagerness and caution; eagerness because he was truly ready to make the leap to community employment and caution because of some negative experiences that he had with Job Development at previous organizations he was involved with.

Any residual caution Ryan came with did not stop him from hitting the ground running with his Job Development, and he happily did everything necessary to meet his goal. Some of these efforts included signing up for services from Workforce New York – specifically to participate in their METRIX program – which is a series of educational assessments focused on professions of interest, which he achieved between 99 and 100% proficiency. Ryan also participated in and successfully completed Challenge’s Pro Skills program: a three week course teaching participants soft skills, hard skills and workplace professionalism.

It was easy to see that one of the biggest barriers Ryan had was self-doubt. He continually apologized saying that he did not think he could master understanding how to operate a cash register; Yet Ryan could sign onto a computer to do a job search or complete an application and absolutely fly through the process. It took some time, but Ryan’s Job coach Chris Pike was able to help him see that if he could operate a computer with such efficiency, then he could certainly master a cash register. He simply needed to know that someone already saw and KNEW that he could.

After months of work and deliberate, positive-minded effort, Ryan was offered the position of cashier at Wegmans after just one interview.

Since Ryan began his job at Wegmans, any lingering doubts that he may have had about his performance potential or his ability to operate a cash register have quickly become a long-gone memory. Ryan wasted no time in proving himself a quick study and an exemplary employee. His desire to do the best job possible and to prove himself capable and self-reliant has paid off.

Ryan’s customer service skills are second to none. He engages each and every guest in the most pleasant, light-hearted conversation. Ryan can easily “defuse” what may normally be an impatient or snippy customer simply by smiling and asking how their day was.

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