Meet Sherese

2017 was the first year that Cinemapolis, a theater located in downtown Ithaca, participated in Challenge’s Summer Youth Employment Program. And the experience could not have been better for Sherese, who was a youth participant in the program.

The Executive Director at Cinemapolis, Brett Bossard, tells us that Sherese had a positive attitude throughout the summer, took initiative, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the work – whether it was sweeping theaters, stocking bathroom supplies, organizing movie posters, or helping out in the projection rooms.

Sherese says she enjoyed the work, and liked taking on new responsibilities, specifically in the concessions area. Sherese is an Ithaca High School student whose first introduction to Challenge was through Ryan’s job readiness class there. Ryan served as one of Sherese’s job coaches during the summer, where he saw Sherese apply the classroom lessons directly to Ithaca’s local art house gem Cinemapolis.

Sherese has been a pleasure to work with and continues to exude enthusiasm for the new freedom and responsibilities that come with employment.

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